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Sneak peek! iPhone 16 leaked image reveals redesigned camera chassis

1 month ago 17

Apple iPhone 16 expectations are riding high and they are driving rumours to a new high. And the latest buzz comes from an unexpected source – a social media post by by Majin Bu on X. While Bu's track record may be a mixed bag, some previous accurate predictions about upcoming iPhone designs have piqued the interest of tech enthusiasts. This time, Bu's post is offering a sneak peek at an iPhone 16 leaked image.

The leaked image showcases what seems to be the main camera chassis for the base model iPhone 16, featuring a distinctive vertical camera layout. Despite the upside-down orientation of the posted image, eagle-eyed users were quick to point out that this doesn't cast doubt on the authenticity of the component being showcased.

On the other hand, MacRumors asserts that they have validated the component's design through industry insiders. According to their confirmation, the item featured in Bu's post is indeed the main camera chassis for the I-34 camera project, slated for use in the base model iPhone 16 set to launch later this year.

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iPhone 16 Vertical Camera Layout Unveiled

This leak aligns seamlessly with previous reports hinting at Apple's shift to a vertical camera layout for the iPhone 16. In earlier reports of iPhone 16 prototypes and internal designs, it has become evident that Apple has opted for a vertical camera arrangement, departing from the diagonal layout seen in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. The move could potentially enable Spatial Video recording across the entire iPhone 16 lineup, starting from the base model.

Beyond the camera redesign, the iPhone 16 is expected to borrow or continue with some features from its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Pro. The inclusion of the Action button and a new Capture button, featuring force-sensor technology and situated on the right side of the device, adds further intrigue to the upcoming release. As we eagerly await more details, the leaked camera chassis is a promising glimpse into what Apple has in store for its highly anticipated iPhone 16 lineup.

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