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Google Bard Is Now Gemini, Android App Now Available On Play Store

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Google Bard is now Gemini

In a rather surprising development, Google has renamed its AI chatbot Bard. From now on, the chatbot will be called Gemini. Hence, the users who search for Bard on Google Search will now end up on “Gemini.Google.com.” Along with this, the Alphabet-owned company has also launched Gemini Advanced, the AI chatbot based on the most advanced Ultra 1.0 model. Here’s everything you need to know about the developments related to one of the most popular AI chatbots today.

“Bard Will Now Simply Be Called Gemini” – Google

Google Gemini on web and Android

In its latest blog, Google says, “Bard has been the best way for people to directly experience our most capable models.” However, the AI chatbot runs on Gemini, Google’s latest large model. Hence, to simplify things and give the LLM more recognition, the company has rebranded the end product, i.e., Bard, to Gemini. It is available in over 230 countries and 40 languages.

Upon asking Gemini which LLM it is currently using, we got the following answer, “I’m using Gemini Pro 1.0, part of the cutting-edge family of AI models from Google.” Gemini Pro 1.0 is one of the three LLMs that the company has developed. The other two include Gemini Nano and Gemini Ultra. While the former is made to provide on-device assistance for smaller workflows, the latter offers more power than Gemini Pro for tasks like coding, following nuances instructions, logical reasoning, etc.

Google Introduces Gemini Advanced, But It’s Not Free

Google One AI Premium plan price in India

Along with renaming Bard to Gemini, the company has also introduced Gemini Advanced as part of a paid Google One subscription. The subscription tier is the Google One AI Premium Plan, which costs $19.99 per month. Interested users can also try the chatbot for two months at no cost.

The plan not only provides access to Gemini Advanced but also gives 2TB of cloud storage, which is a perk compared to other paid AI chatbots. Apart from this, AI Premium subscribers can also use Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Slides, and other productivity tools.

Fortunately, the Google One AI Premium plan is also available in India. While the original price of the plan is Rs. 1.950 per month, the company is offering a two-month free trial, wherein users can experiment with Gemini Advanced. This plan also includes features like additional Google Meet and Calendar features.

Gemini Is Now Available On Android

Gemini app on Android

Google has launched a new Gemini app for Android users. “With Gemini on your phone, you can type, talk, or add an image for all kinds of help while you’re on the go.” For instance, users can take a picture of their flat tire and ask the AI chatbot for instructions on fixing it. Further, it can also generate images.

To use Gemini on their smartphone, Android users must download the app or opt-in through Google Assistant. However, only some Assistant features will be available through the new app. On iOS, Google will roll out access to the LLM right from the Google app in the coming weeks.

While the Gemini app is rolling out in the United States in English for now, users in other regions should be able to access the new tool soon.

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